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Illustration Friday: Wings


We cage jewels, plants, wild lands, wild animals, domestic animals, people, anything different, anything strange, anything other. The bars have changed. The context has shifted. The cages are less visible, but they are there. Stronger than ever. Sometimes I think if I were to grow wings I could escape the constricting walls of my cage, but alas…the cage is partially of my own making.



Illustration Friday: Myth


…the myths we fabricate construct the reality within which we exist…

the american dream…happily ever after…the costumes we wear…the masks we hide behind

Illustration Friday: Bounce

Forecast: Scattered Showers



Illustration Friday: Mesmerizing



Illustration Friday: Mysterious

breast cancer’s mysterious elixirs

Illustration Friday: Influence

Illustration Friday: Imperfect

…a glance in the mirror reveals a work in progress…